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This section will offer you details about the Lifestyle55+ Affiliate and Lifestyle55+ MASTER programs and related course registrations. We will also from time to time upload webinar titles and indicate if they are FREE or require a fee.

Formerly known as Pivotal-Accredited Senior Agent™ and Master-Accredited Senior Agent™

Senior Service Provider Training Program » Enhancing Your Knowledge, Resources, Networking & Marketing

The 2023 schedule has ended.  The 2024 schedule dates are set as:

Lifestyle55+ Affiliates
i)         January 24, 31 & February 7.  COMPLETED
ii)        July 3, 10, 17  2024  NOW OPEN
Lifestyle55+ MASTERS
November 6, 13, 20, 27           (Each registration will apply for the upcoming session given the date of registration.

Lifestyle55+ Affiliate training program for professionals working with seniors

Pay Now for the July
Lifestyle55+ AFFILIATE course.
Fee includes first year
membership.  all 3 dates are required: July 3, 10, 17
$499 + $64.87 HST = $563.87

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As people age, they require the assistance and guidance of dozens of professionals offering services and products, at different points in time. Within the categories of in-home services, outside resources, professional services, transitional living services and locations, one senior can encounter multiple industries and professionals over the course of months or years.

Many professionals have had to (by choice or circumstance) incorporate working with seniors into their practice in recent years, and many businesses old and new, aim to target seniors as part, or all of, their service provision. The best way for professionals and businesses to tap into this market in order to solve a problem their potential older customer has is to gain knowledge, have access to supporting resources, be part of a larger organization, and learn to market to their target client. There are service providers with excellent training and education within their industry, however many are not aware of niche educational opportunities, or the benefits of this type of education when working with their older clients.

NEXT COURSE DATE: July 3, 10 & 17
Applicable to all dates offered unless otherwise stated.
Course is delivered LIVE ON-LINE via ZOOM
Course is made up of 3 sessions – all 3 sessions must be completed.
1 day per week for 3 weeks for a total of 3 sessions.
Time: 9:30am – 1:30pm EST (Toronto time)

Registration for July’s course is now OPEN

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Pay Now for the upcoming Lifestyle55+MASTERS course.  November 6, 13, 20, 27

$899 + $116.87
HST = $1015.87
Annual membership of $399 will begin upon completion of the course and will be billed seperately.

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Advancing your membership and knowledge:
For professionals who wish to delve further into the topic of working with seniors, and obtain additional resources and knowledge, we offer the MASTERS Program. Building on your knowledge from the Introductory Affiliate Training Program, the MASTERS Program takes a closer look at many of the topics touched upon in the first course. For those who wish to advance their recognition in working with older adults, this next level course is a MUST as it will increase your knowledge and understanding of the senior sector, and issues impacting them.

The MASTER program is reserved for those individuals who have successfully completed the Lifestyle55+ AFFILIATE program and who are actively working with or have experience in working with older adults/seniors.
DO NOT register unless you have spoken with Paul Cutajar and have completed the interview process.

NEXT COURSE DATE: November 6, 13, 20, 27
Applicable to all dates offered unless otherwise stated.
Course is delivered LIVE ON-LINE via ZOOM
Course is made up of 4 sessions – all 4 sessions must be completed.
1 day per week for 4 weeks.
Time: 9:30am – 1:30pm EST (Toronto time)

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About the Lifestyle55+ Affiliate Program:

The seniors’ marketplace in terms of goods and services specific to that demographic, can be divided into three major components, each expanding into multiple sectors, with the involvement of many professionals and services providers:
1. Health
2. Housing
3. Legal and everything else that is needed for a senior, or family member, to maintain or manage:

  • Autonomy
  • Finances
  • Estate
  • Family Matters
  • Legal Issues
  • Lifestyle
  • Executor Roles

Our programs are designed for any professional who wants to start working with seniors, or who wants/needs to have more knowledge and focus when they work with older adults. After years of delivering the Accredited Senior Agent™ program specifically for the Canadian real estate industry and the Seneca College course on the Retirement Home Industry, the principles of Lifestyle 55+ Network, Inc. decided to offer their expertise to a broader range of service providers interested in obtaining education and resources related to their work with older adults.  This course offers a range of information at an affordable cost.

Who Can Benefit:

Regardless of the type of industry you serve, you will probably have certain regulations to abide by.  We do not override your regulatory body, nor do we tell you how to do your business, rather we discuss how you can implement what we share; how using our tools will help you work with your older clients; and what you can add to your offerings within your specific service industry, as it relates to adult children and seniors when life changes.

This program is best suited for but not limited to:

  • Real Estate Services – REALTORS® are often called in to assist with downsizing, co-habitation, estate sales, sale of principal residence  to transition to seniors’ housing, and more.
  • Legal Services – many law firms specialize in (or have staff who assist with) estate sales, family issues, estate issues, Powers of Attorney, Wills, and executor services.
  • Financial Services – Advisors and Planners who deal with investment income for older adults, reverse mortgages and alternative financing specialists who work with seniors interested in accessing funds from their property for care or services, and staff involved in financial management services who act as attorneys for property for clients unable to manage their affairs.
  • Insurance Services – those who work in the areas of long-term care, health planning, life/beneficiary/gifting.
  • Seniors’ Housing – Retirement home Executive Director/Marketing Managers/Lifestyle Consultants.
  • Downsizers/Movers – often when people relocate to a senior housing community, they employ downsizers and/or movers to assist with their transition.
  • Personal Support Workers/Health Care Workers – for many who work in different areas of health care, their primary clientele are seniors, whether at home or in a health care facility.
  • Social Workers – for those unfamiliar with working in the senior sector who wish to work with the older adult population.
  • Age-in-Place Services – including those who offer home care, home renovation, support services, and home safety.
  • Accessibility Services – transportation, accessibility products and services.
  • Physical/Occupational Therapists – for those unfamiliar with working in the senior sector who wish to add the older adult population to their potential clientele.
  • Executor Services – for those who provide this service professionally, there are always senior family members involved in an estate.
  • and more…

What our Participants Want:

Every businessperson we encounter tells us they want more business, more clients, more live leads, and/or greater ROI.  If this is what you are looking for, and your quest brought you to this webpage, you are probably wondering if becoming a member of the Lifestyle 55+ Service Provider Affiliate Program will help you reach your business goals.  The question is: do you have a better chance of getting what you want or need to grow your business or client list without our program?
If you are of the mindset that taking a course WILL GET YOU BUSINESS, you may need to adjust your expectations – you are the only person that can perform the actions needed to improve your service offering to potential clients. We can help, but you need to do the work. THERE IS NO SILVER BULLET!

This program is designed to give you a very good understanding and significant insight into the everchanging senior mindset, challenges, options, the players involved, and their motivations.  Gaining this information will allow you to develop your plan of action and understand how you can implement what we teach so that you can connect with, and serve, your clients better…
and that will empower you to gain more business and reach your goals!

How is my membership supported?

If you are comparing seniors courses be sure to ask, how is my membership supported? This has been in development for over a decade in delivering courses. Lifestyle55+ Network Inc. is fully invested in developing unique programs designed for professionals working in the senior sector. Lifestyle55+ Network Inc. delivers Canada’s largest seniors’ housing directory – holding over 6000 searchable results in the database. it also delivers a consulting program where families and seniors are able to work with an advisor in assisting to answer ‘What do we do next’? and ‘Who can help us’? This consulting is also available to Lifestyle55+ Affiliates and their clients (fees apply). Marketing opportunities are offered to the retirement community sector as with a unique lead generating Matterport overlay program. Obviously, education is important and provided by Paul Cutajar and Esther Goldstein with experience in senior business, marketing, social work, seniors real estate, consulting, sales and training. All content is Canadian and the perspective is always person centred – inclusive and unique. Most professionals get stuck on marketing – access to a private Facebook group is available to all members where we share tips, webinars, marketing, advice and more, while the platform offers a seniors niche marketing opportunity. We are also available to discuss your questions and advance in one on one consulting (fees apply). So go ahead and ask…does the other program offer all that?


One of the challenges both business owners and individual service providers have, is knowing who to access for other support services that clients they work with may need – this is especially true for those who work with seniors who may require assistance from multiple professionals.  Lifestyle 55+ Network, Inc. has developed a directory of services and an extensive database of seniors’ housing information.  Affiliates are encouraged to market their services so they can be found by other professionals looking to network and refer business, and by the public looking to purchase goods or services.

Building your own network is difficult, time consuming, and requires you to think outside the box.  As we build our education program, affiliates will be offered available marketing opportunities on our platform, at both the FREE listings and member rates, to assist in their marketing and networking efforts.

Course Overview:

Technology has finally offered us a way to create an inclusive educational forum enabling many providers, from various regions, the opportunity to join our program without the expense of travel, and the extra time required to get to and from a venue. Although there is an opportunity for in person classes for larger organizations, the usual method of delivery of this program is live-online!

Each member will receive a large workbook in PDF format containing educational content and multiple supportive documents.  The class covers several topics of importance related to older adults and working with them; conversations and case studies are a vital part of the curriculum.  Each member will be encouraged to access further reading and information on each topic using the workbook and referenced weblinks.

Currently, the program is delivered in 3 – 3-hour sessions, 1 day a week, over a 3-week period. Participants are required to complete all three sessions in order to complete the program.

Participants will all have unique experiences and goals, as well as varying levels of knowledge related to working with older adults. Participants need not have experience working with seniors however, even those that do have experience will learn things they did not know. Everyone is encouraged to share their personal experiences, insights, views, questions, and suggestions.  Participant involvement will make your time in the class an enriching and educational experience.

The Lifestyle55+ Affiliate and MASTER programs do not offer any CE credits nor are they part of any governing requirement, but then again most don’t offer a course like this!

Topics covered in the Lifestyle 55+ Service Provider Affiliate program include:

  • When Life Gets in the Way
  • Choice or Circumstance
  • Concerns of a Senior
  • Developmental Agendas
  • Cohort Traits
  • Emotions
  • Senior Women
  • Introduction to Seniors’ Housing Options
  • Working Outside Your Silo
  • Introduction to The Talk
  • Introduction to Being Person-Centred
  • Relationships
  • Introduction to Marketing
  • SCA Consulting

In addition to the live online classes, your registration fee includes:

  • 150-page PDF manual
  • Annual use of logo and membership access (1st year membership is included in your registration fee for the course)
  • Member access to private Facebook Networking Group
  • A series of publications that can be branded and used as lead generation (fees apply)
  • Access to available marketing options on at a discounted Affiliate Member rate

About the Lifestyle55+ MASTERS Program:

Picking up from the Lifestyle55+Affiliate program, graduate professionals who wish to delve further into the topic of working with seniors, and obtain additional resources and knowledge, are offered the MASTERS Program. The MASTERS Program takes a closer look at many of the topics touched upon in the first course. For those who wish to specialize in only working with older adults, this next level course is a MUST as it will increase your knowledge and understanding of the senior sector, and issues impacting them. Lifestyle55+ MASTERS will be recognized as part of an elite group of professionals with limited membership. The Lifestyle55+MASTERS membership is included for the first year. Annual membership is $399 + HST.

What our Participants Want:

Members of the Lifestyle55+MASTERS program are typically looking to advance beyond the Affiliate level and are seeking to advance not only their knowledge and experience but to also leverage the value of being part of a limited number of members. While the Lifestyle55+Affiliate program delivers a tremendous amount of content, many Affiliates are content with the information and level of membership allowing them to do their business. MASTERS on the other hand seem to be more targeted, more hands on and hold themselves to a higher level. Again we do not teach you how to conduct your business, but we do assist on how you can implement our teachings within your business and inform viewers and clients of your level of dedication, commitment, knowledge and unique membership level. Lifestyle55+MASTERS are looking for the highest level of acknowledgment to leverage in working with clients.

Course Overview:

Before being accepted for the Lifestyle55+MASTERS course, all applicants MUST have completed the Lifestyle55+ Affiliate program. The MASTERS program will pick up from the Affiliate program and will offer a deeper look into some of the topics. In addition it will cover:

  • Advances housing options
  • Caregivers
  • Executors
  • Validation
  • Being Person Centred
  • Creating an Always Event™
  • Accountability Promise
  • Advanced Marketing
  • and more
Users can only register after completion of Lifestyle55+Training Affiliate Course