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Manage my membership

As an active member, you will have access to your membership where you can mange your annual renewals, download invoices and view your history.

You are a member if:

    • You have successfully completed the Lifestyle55+ Affiliate program within the past 365 days.

    • Have been transferred over from the Pivotal-Accredited Senior Agent™ membership (in good standing).

    • Have not been in default or allowed your ASA™ or Affiliate membership to lapse beyond your last years payment.

Not sure? Send us an email with your request.

You are NOT a member if:

  • If you have allowed your membership to expire within 1 year and would like to renew, please email us your request.
  • If you have allowed your membership to expire beyond 2 years and would like to gain your Lifestyle55+ Affiliate, you will be required to register for and complete the Lifestyle55+ Affiliate course.

Users can only register after completion of Lifestyle55+Training Affiliate Course